Bathroom Towels Size Guide: Find the Right Towel You Need

There are various items that a person uses several times during their daily life. Bathroom towels as a part of home textile are one of these items. Do you know that towels you use both for your need to dry and for decorating the bathroom change in size depending on the purpose of use? There is no standard size for towels that you use during the day. However, there are typical sizes for specific types of towels.

The bathroom towels are the best-known because most people use them every day. In the morning of a busy day, you need to have the right bath towel to get ready quickly after a shower. For this reason, buying bath towels requires attention and knowledge regarding bath towel size. In this article, you will learn all details about bath towel types to find out which size bath towel is perfectly suitable for you. 

What are the Types of Bath Towels? 

There are five types of bathroom towels with diversified sizes, colors, patterns, and textures. The usage purpose of the towels determines their features. So, defining your requirements for a towel before you buy is significant. Beaches, bathrooms, and kitchens are the main use areas for bath towels. Using the correct size bathroom towel is important to get the highest efficiency and satisfaction. Can you guess what type of towels you use in your bathroom routine? 

Washcloths, fingertips, hand towels, bath sheets, and beach towels are bathroom towels. Bath towel size and the usage area vary for each one. Sizes are the main criteria that distinguish these five types of towels from each other. Nonetheless, softness, quality, texture, absorbance, and thickness are as crucial as the size of the bath towels in choosing the best one and distinguishing the types.


What Is the Size of a Bath Towel? 

The measure of the bath towel may vary in size for women, men, and children since it covers your entire body. Therefore, a bath towel needs to be large enough. Because the size of a bath towel is important for you to feel comfortable. The standard size bath towel may change from 20" x 40" to 27" x 55". Therefore, choosing the right bath towel size is needed to maintain comfort and relaxation after the shower. 

Besides the size of bath towels, absorbency is another key feature to distinguish bath towels from others. Hence, on the one hand, the absorbency capacity of the towel should be high for your body to dry quickly and completely. Likewise, the towel should not be too thick to dry on the other hand. In addition, small size towels are more suitable for hands and face. Also, there are towel types to use in the kitchen, on the beach, or for decorative purposes.

Washcloths Size 

The smallest size belongs to the washcloths within all the bath towel dimensions. The most common washcloths measure is 12" x 12" and 13" x 13".  As they are too small to cover your body after a shower, washcloths are insufficient to wrap your body. However, they are suitable for daily usage to dry off your face or your hands. Nevertheless, you should be careful about its softness not to hurt your skin. 

You can also use this bath towel as a guest towel, thanks to this handy towel's small bath towel size. It is convenient for one-time use by guests. Also, cleaning washcloth towels in the machine is easy after the guests leave. Washcloth towels also can be a part of your bathroom decoration. You can roll and display them next to the sink or bathtub for an elegant look in the bathroom.  

What are the Types of Bath Towels

Fingertip Towels Size 

Fingertip towels are another member of bath textile. They are a type of towel that is wider than washcloths. The average size of a fingertip towel is 11” x 18”. The general purpose of fingertip towels is to provide a decorative appearance in the bathroom. The accessory towels you see at hotels are fingertip towels from the luxury towels family. You can roll or fold them nicely to provide an aesthetic design. 

Fingertip towels are smaller than hand towels in the bath towel size chart. For this reason, folding them and making them fit in the bathroom decoration is easy. Additionally, it is very simple to store, clean, and use them. Except for decorative usage in the bathroom, you can also use fingertip towels for your hands if you prefer separate towels for your face and hands for hygienic reasons. 

Hand Towels Size 

Bath towel size differs by the usage area, and hand towels are a type of towel that is used more frequently. You can prefer hand towels in the bathroom or kitchen to dry your hands and face. With high water-absorbing power, hand towels are adequate to dry hands, face, or kitchen counter. The average bath towel size for hand towels is 18” x 26”. Hand towel sizes are proper for use as bath mats too. 

Bath Sheets Sizes 

Bath sheets have the large dimensions of a bath towel with their 35” x 65” measures. They have high absorbent quality, and the standard size bath sheet covers your whole body easily while drying off after a shower. Bath towels dry fast after they get wet and have a soft texture. You can have a luxurious and enjoyable bathroom experience at home with a bath sheet since they have the largest size among the sizes of bath towels

The bath sheets and the bath towels are made of the same material. However, the size is an important difference between bath towel and bath sheet. Since bath sheets have the longest size in the bath towel category, it is important to dry them well after use. Despite their wide surface, bath sheets can easily fit in the washing machine. And you can hang it after washing to make it easy to dry. 

Beach Towels Size

Beach towels are designed to protect your body from the sun and the heat. Due to their special texture, they are resistant to sunscreen and sand. Also, beach towels are separate in terms of their qualities. The size of bath towels is not long enough to cover your body while lying on the sand. When their size is compared to standard bath towels, beach towels have a larger surface ranging from 30” x 60” to 35” x 70”.

Try High-Quality Cotton KCNMoon Bath Towels

Try High-Quality Cotton KCNMoon Bath Towels 

KCNMoon bath towels are kind to your skin and make you feel comfortable, thanks to their soft structure. It absorbs water as soon as you get out of the shower and helps you dry quickly with its hydrophilic feature. Bath towel sizes of these towels are 19" x 35" and 27" x 55".  Due to its superior quality, the fabric does not get hardened, and you do not face the size reduction problem after washing your bath towels. 

In addition to its high quality, the design and pattern of the bath towels are also important. KCNMoon towel set with flower and feather embroidery towel sets satisfies you with its aesthetic appearance. This 2-piece towel set has a hundred percent Turkish cotton quality with a great water absorbency level. Thus, you can use them for years without having any problems regarding the bath towel size, quality, and softness. 

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