All Things You Should Know to Find the Best Bath Towel

The best bath towel is not easy to find. Many features of towels can make you prefer one to another. A towel’s density, weight, size, fabric, texture, or parts can make a big difference in your choice. Would you like to learn more about towels and find your best bath towel easily? Then, go ahead and read our article.

What is GSM?

GSM, which stands for grams per square meter, measures the density of a towel. Even if they are made of the same fabric, different sets of towels can weigh different due to their levels of GSM. It is as important for a towel as a thread count is for a bedsheet. Typically, the range is between 300 and 900. The higher the count, the heavier the towel. Each weight is good for particular purposes.

300-400 GSM Towels

Towels of this weight are lighter, thinner, and rougher. They are not absorbent or soft enough to be a good bath or face towel. On the other hand, they dry quickly and can be perfect choices to use in a gym or a beach.

400-620 GSM Towels

Medium-weight towels belong to this group. They are a good option for beach towels, bath towels, or guest towels. They are soft and absorbent enough and do not take too long to dry.

620-900 GSM Towels

A towel of this quality is premium weight and considered a luxury. This kind of towel is heavier, denser, and therefore more absorbing. These towels are extremely soft, so they are the ideal best bath towels if you like to snuggle in a fluffy towel after a shower.


All Things You Should Know to Find the Best Bath Towel


Which Material Makes the Best Bath Towels?

Besides its GSM rating, you should take the towel fabric into account. Alongside GSM, the material of the towel contributes to its absorbency level and softness.


A polyester is a form of plastic; in other words, it is a synthetic fabric produced from petroleum, chemicals, water, and air.  It is not a healthy raw material to use. Towels made from polyester are neither soft nor absorbent. The only good thing is that it dries very quickly.


Bamboo is a plant-based fabric and a good option if you care about the Earth. It is a fast-growing plant that needs less water and fewer pesticides when compared to cotton. Moreover, it is softer, more durable, and more absorbent. Bamboo can absorb much more water than its weight and dry very quickly. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for a face or bath towel. However, it is thin and gentle, requiring extra attention during washing cycles.

Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is one of the most known fabric types of luxury bath towels. It is a high-quality type of cotton famous for its extra-long fiber. Thanks to its longer staples, it produces a smooth fabric, a perfect raw material for a plush, durable, and absorbent bath towel. Pima towels are generally very pricey, but they are among the best bath towels offering the user a sense of luxury with their ultrasoft surface.


What is GSM?


Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has long been considered at the top of its league. It is one of the primary fabrics to produce the best bath towels. It is well known for the soft touch it provides to the user. Its long-staple and thick fibers produce super soft, absorbent, and durable towels. However, towels made of Egyptian cotton take a long time to dry. After absorbing water perfectly, their thick and long staples trap the moisture.

Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton is among the most popular fabric for the best bath towels. It is a long-staple fiber like Egyptian cotton, and its absorbency level is very high. On the other hand, it is lighter and dries quickly. That is important to prevent bacterial growth and keep the towel hygienic. Turkish bath towels can be the right choice if you are sensitive about your towel’s cleanliness. They are absorbent, light, and quick-dry bath towels.

The Texture is as Important as the Material

Nowadays, many kinds of textures other than standard terry cloth are produced. Waffle weave, gauze, and damask are the newer ones on the market.

Terrycloth Towels

A loop pile fabric made of cotton; terry is super absorbent. Either one or both sides of it consist of uncut loops. Depending on the quality of the towel, the length of loops may change from one to another. Closely woven loops construct high-quality best bath towels. Terrycloth towels are the most used type of fabric in towel production. Bath mat towels, bath towels, and washcloths are usually made from terrycloths.




Waffle Weave Towels

Unlike terrycloth towels with thick, uncut loops, waffle towels are woven into a flat weave. A waffle weave is easily noticeable due to its exclusive three-dimensional grid construction. This fabric structure provides the towel with a greater surface area, which increases its absorbency level. Waffle weave towels are not heavy, so they are easy to dry. If you are looking for a flat weave and quick-dry towel, a waffle weave towel can be your best bath towel.

Gauze Towels

A gauze woven towel has a net-like structure allowing extra airflow into the fabric. It is smooth, soft, and gentle. Besides, it is easier to clean thanks to its open weave. This texture makes the softest bath towels. Thanks to its smooth and silky touch on the skin, it is perfect for face or hooded towels.

Damask Towels

A damask towel is known for belonging to the decorative bath towels family. It is good to use as a part of decorating your bath but not as functional as other types of textures. They do not belong to the best bath towels group unless you make your bath seem better with your towels.

How are Threads of a Towel Constructed?

When searching for the best bath towel, you should consider how the threads are constructed and woven into the towel, as well.

Zero-Twist or Low-Twist Yarns

If cotton fibers are strong and long, they require no or little twisting while making a soft and absorbent towel. Hence, cotton staples are left in their naturally soft, thick for a high-quality towel. While looking for the best bath towel, zero-twist or low-twist cotton towels are among the best options. Zero-twist cotton towels offer softness, durability, and a high level of absorbency. Besides, they are lightweight and provide a shorter drying time.

Two-Ply Yarns

Two-ply yarns or double yarns are woven by twisting two strands of yarn together. They are usually used in terrycloth towels, making them more durable and plushier.

Ringspun Cotton

It is produced by twisting long and short fibers tightly. It makes the towel soft, smooth, and more durable.

Combed Cotton

After the harvest, the cotton is brushed to remove impurities and short fibers. The process leaves the cotton softer. If you are looking for a construction type that prevents the pilling of a towel, combed cotton towels can be the best bath towels for you.

Parts of a Towel

There are five parts of a towel: the beginning and end areas, the borders, the fringes, the selvage, and the pile area. Up to now, we have talked about the pile area, the main part of the towel. GSM, the material of a towel, its texture, and construction are all about it; now, let’s see how others affect the quality and performance of a towel so that it takes its place among the best bath towels.

The Beginning and End Parts

These parts run along the top and bottom of a towel. Designers use these edges for decorative goals by adding particular patterns or weaves.

The Borders

The border of a towel typically has a different texture or color from the pile area. It is more common on bath towels and provides some advantages to the user. It avoids unraveling, offers space for decoration or branding, and makes matching stacked bath towel sets easier. 


Which Material Makes the Best Bath Towels?


The Fringes

They are the ornamental parts of a towel. The edges of a towel are not closed with a fold. Instead, they are left unwoven at the end of the towel. You may like their look, but sometimes they require special care. For users who care about practicality more than appearance, towels with fringes cannot be among the best bath towels.

The Selvage

It is the part that seals the entire length of a towel. It strengthens the edges. Therefore, the towel will be more durable if it is sewn using two threads.

Determine the Size of Your Ideal Towel

When you want to find your best bath towel to use after a shower, you come across a comparison: a bath towel vs. a bath sheet. At this point, you need to decide what is your ideal bath towel size to find your best bath towel. A bath towel and a bath sheet are generally made of similar fabrics and have similar features. The main difference between these two kinds of bath textiles is their size.

A Bath Sheet

A bath sheet is an oversized bath towel. If you want to be wrapped up entirely and enjoy the fluffy touch of your extra-large bath towel, a bath sheet is the best bath towel for you. But, be careful! You need a large space to store it, and it may take forever to dry after a bath. You’d better have a bath towel holder if you are planning to buy a bath sheet.

A Bath Towel

A lot of people believe that a bath towel is the best bath towel after a shower. It is smaller when compared to a bath sheet. A standard bath towel size is measured around 28 by 54 inches. If you find a bath sheet too heavy and bulky, a bath towel is ideal for you. You can use it as a bath towel wrap. It is smaller, easy to store, and dries faster, which makes it popular as the best bath towel.


Prices of bath towels range from thousands of dollars to tens of dollars. Surely, if the best bath towel does not mean a super-luxury towel by a world-famous brand for you, you do not have to spend a fortune on a towel. A towel that fulfills the basic requirements of a good-quality one can cost you 20-30 dollars.


Now that you have read the information above, you see picking the best bath towel depends on your personal preferences. Towels are a small part of the home textile, but they can make a big difference in your mood. Now, see our collections where you can find your best bath towels among many options!

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