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Peshtemal is a versatile cloth that comes in many sizes and can be used instead of bath towels or beach towels. Although they are much lighter than regular towels, they are just as absorbent.


A peshtemal is different from a towel in that it can better wrap your body and feels lighter against your skin. Additionally, It is more practical to carry a peshtemal as it can be folded much easier and takes up very little space.

Turkish Bath Towel: Peshtemal

Peshtemal has a long story back in history. You must have heard the famous Turkish hammam, a traditional Turkish bath. People wore peshtemal for easy cover and as well as quick-dry off in hammam. Still, they serve the same function with much more selections and a wider range of use.


Peshtemal is made of a hundred percent Turkish cotton, and the best peshtemals are labeled as Turkish-made. They can be used in bathrooms together with or instead of bath towels today. A peshtemal robe is much easier to dry and much more practical to use than heavy bath towels.

Take Peshtemal Towel Anywhere

The use of Peshtemal Turkish towels is not restricted to bathrooms. As it is easy to carry, today people use them in many different places for multiple purposes. You can see peshtemal towels at the beach, by the pool, even on a picnic for a quick mattress to sit on. You may use a chic Turkish peshtemal towel to warm your shoulders in cooler weather as well.


Peshtemal towels can be used in spas, yoga, and massage rooms instead of bath towels due to the practicality they offer in such places. People may even use a highly decorative, beautifully patterned peshtemal towel set in their homes to decorate their furniture.


Today, many celebrities are viewed using peshtemals in their daily life. It is quite probable to see a top model or a movie star wrapped in luxuries and modern peshtemals on a famous beach.

Features of Best Turkish Peshtemal Towels  

A good peshtemal towel is what everyone needs for the practicality it offers. While you can use it as an instant cover, it makes a great accessory, too. Best peshtemal towels have great features that no one can deny.

Versatile Use:  

Though initially designed for baths, a good peshtemal can serve as a blanket, a shawl, or a scarf. A beautifully patterned peshtemal can replace many accessories you are using as a cover or a practical cloth that you can spread on many surfaces.

Super-Absorbent and Quick Dry:  

Although a peshtemal is lightweight and much thinner than a towel, it quickly absorbs water. A cotton peshtemal doesn’t need a dryer as well; just spread it on a surface, and it will dry quickly.

Soft and Gentle for the Skin:

A quality peshtemal is 100% Turkish cotton. This makes it soft enough to feel a gentle touch on your skin. And the great thing is Turkish peshtemal towels soften more wash after wash. 

Great for Travel:

You would like to have your towels while on a trip. But usually, you cannot decide how many or which towels we should put in your smaller travel bags. A peshtemal beach towel or a peshtemal bath towel is a good choice. It will be easier to pack and more practical to use when away.

How to Choose the Best Pesthemal Towel?

Given the practicality, you won’t hesitate to substitute your heavy bath towels for an ultra-compact peshtemal towel as long as you want a more comfortable and easier use. But what is the best type of peshtemal for you? And what should you look for when you opt for one?

  • Choose the softest and most durable peshtemal towel. For this, look for all cotton-made Turkish towels. A polyester or mercerized cotton peshtemal may look shinier, but they will not be as absorbent and soft.
  • Turkish towels may come in different weaving patterns. A ring-spun 100% cotton yarn Turkish peshtemal towel is what you need after a bath. If you need something to use outdoor, you may choose
  • Hold your peshtemal, and don’t be shy to wrap it around your body at the store. Decide what size is ideal for you. As peshtemal towels come in an extensive range of sizes, you should be buying the right size to match your preferences.
  • Though we favor the lightness of a peshtemal most, a high-quality Turkish towel will be a little heavier. So, hold your favorite peshtemal and check if it feels right.

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