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Hand Towels

Hand towels come in many styles and textures. And each type serves best to our needs in our bathrooms. Good hand towels will beautifully decorate your bathrooms, combine with other bath towels and gently care for your skin. A high-quality hand towel helps you start the day off. 

We need hand towels in many places in our daily routines. A soft and fluffy wash hand towel is enough pampering and perfects to dry you off. At the same time, a beautifully sculpted hand towel would do great for your décor as well.

Decorative Hand Towels

Bathroom hand towels come in many sizes and textures. You may find in the market a variety of fabric options such as cotton, bamboo, and polyester hand towels. While you can prefer each type for a reason, a soft multipurpose super absorbent hand towel is just what you need.

We want our hand towels to dry off quickly and give us a heavenly fresh touch, whatever material is used. For example, a hundred percent cotton wash Turkish hand towels would feel perfect on your skin; these decorative hand towels would look great in your bathrooms, too.

What Size are Hand Towels?

While there are no standard-size hand towels, they would usually measure around 15 x 28 inches. Hand towels are smaller than bathing towels, and they are kept out of the shower. Washcloths are smaller than hand towels and are used for the same purpose. Another type of hand towel is the fingertips. A fingertip hand towel is smaller in size and can be more decorative in your bathrooms.  

What are Hand Towels used for?

Hand towels are used to dry off hands, as its name suggests. These towels can be used for your face, too. Also, hand towels can be used in the kitchens as well. Kitchen hand towels can be placed over the ovens or folded up somewhere in the kitchen. They are used to clean hands or any spills when cooking.

While the primary purpose of hand towels is to dry and clean hands, they are used in the bathrooms as decorations. Still used for drying off hands, these hand towels perfectly match the bathrooms’ décor. 

Luxury Hand Towel Sets

While you can find each type of hand towel separately, it could be better to buy hand towel sets to complete your bathroom décor. Luxuries bath towel sets are also more practical to replace. Matched colors and designs will help spruce the décor of your bathrooms as well as dry off after refreshing bath times.

An ideal set of hand towels combines all sorts of towels you would need for your bathroom routines. It would be more convenient to keep a couple of luxurious hand towels, fluffy wash towels, and decorative finger towels as a set. These comfy hand towel sets would be more practical for your guests as well.

What are the Best Hand Towels?

Hand towels are essential sanitary items in our homes; they touch our faces and skins. Although they seem like all the same small fabrics, there are considerable differences in terms of quality.

We should be picky when it comes to buying the best towels for our comfort and great use. So, what are the best hand towels for our bathrooms? And what makes a hand towel more preferable over the other?   

·       Fabric:

Hand towels come in many different materials. While cotton hand towels dominate the market, there are ones made of other materials such as bamboo, polyester, or microfiber. Cotton towels would feel softer and fluffier, while others could come in a wide range of qualities. Whatever fabric is used, the best hand towels undergo the healthiest manufacturing process.

·       Softness:

A good hand towel feels soft. However, the best one maintains its softness long after the purchase. Cotton hand towels are the softest ones as cotton is soft by nature. Therefore, a hundred percent premium cotton hand towels would be perfect for comfortable use. Turkish hand towels or Egyptian editions will be great to serve this purpose.

·       Texture:

Hand towels are produced in many different styles. They may come in smooth, extra fluffy, or waffle patterns. A good hand towel will feel thick, tight, and yet soft enough to feel the silky touch on your skin. Carefully knitted and elegantly woven cotton hand towels would be perfect to use in your bathrooms.

·       Durability:

You should be able to use your hand towels for a long. A good hand towel can still be in good shape and keep its softness after many washes. Whatever material is used, quality hand towels can resist the test of time. You would be lucky if you bought a couple of hand towels that last long. If so, stick to the same brand.

·       Absorbency:

We use hand towels to dry off after our daily routines in the bathroom. Therefore, a good hand towel should have the maximum absorbency capacity. Cotton hand towels are suitable absorbents, and that’s why they are highly preferable. The highest-quality towels would also dry well.  

How to Choose Best Hand Towels?

While you may get a little gist by touching, buying new hand towels is risky just by feeling them. There are specific simple rules while picking suitable hand towels. Check out these tips next time you purchase hand towels.

  • The number one rule to buying a high-quality hand towel is buying from a reliable shop. Whether you shop online or go to a store, always ask for a money-back guarantee.
  • You are right to touch towels to check their softness. But, make sure the silky touch you are feeling at the store is permanent. Some sellers might apply certain softeners for a better feel.
  • After you feel the towel, pick it up and check the weight. A good hand towel would be heavier than it seems.
  • If you want super absorbent hand towels, check the stitch to see how thick they are. The highest-quality towel will have much denser loops.
  • Decide what type of material you want. Then, check the labels for a hundred percent cotton ones. If you are shopping online, read the descriptions carefully. And always contact the supplier for more information. 

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We know that hand towels are indispensable items for your bathrooms. At KCNMoon, we manufacture only the highest quality hand towels to your needs. Crafted with 100% premium cotton, our hand towels offer the best quality weaves and textures. Designed to provide the highest absorbency, KCNMoon hand towels are the fluffiest and the softest.

KCNMoon’s luxury hand towels will spruce up your bathrooms with a gorgeous look. Incredibly soft and ultra-absorbent hand towels will turn your bathrooms into an adored sanctuary.  

Our hand towel sets will make a perfect collection in everyone’s home, made from the finest Turkish cotton. Whether shopping for yourself or looking for a housewarming gift, our hand towel sets will make a lifetime keepsake.