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Bath Towels

Quality bath towels help you start the day off. They make our mornings more pleasant and feel fresh and chilled.

A hand towel is what we feel first after a good night’s sleep. Likewise, we depend on soft and cozy bath towels to keep the joy going after a warm bath or a quick shower. Good ones will dry you off and keep you warm, while luxury bath towels are perfect absorbents and are comfortable enough to lounge in.

Quality Bath Towels for All

There are many types of towels we use in bathrooms. They come in numerous colors, patterns, and sizes. A typical bath towel is designed to dry you off after a bath or a shower. They are at an optimal size to wrap your body and absorb the moist. Bigger ones are called bath sheets, and they are best to give you a full wrap. Hand bath towels, on the other hand, are smaller than bath towels and used to wash your hands. And there are also finger towels that are the smallest in size and are used for the same purpose as hand towels.

Although you can buy your towels one by one, it is more common to buy bath towel sets. This way, you will create a more aesthetic look in your bathroom, and it will be more practical to replace one complete set for the other.

Soft and Fluffy Bath Towel Sets

In addition to the different sizes, bath towels come in different materials, which matters most when choosing the right towel. Most towels are made of cotton. Cotton towel sets are soft and have good absorbents. Turkish bath towels, for example, are the most famous cotton ones. They are highly absorbent and give you a pampering and fluffy feel. Egyptian towels are another top-notch quality cotton material. 

While you are more likely to find a hundred percent cotton bath towels most, recently, other materials such as polyester and bamboo are highly preferred, too. Or a couple of such materials might be blended to make a towel set. An ideal towel is better soft, absorbent, and durable in all cases.  

What are the Best BathTowels?

While they might look quite the same from the outside, there is a tremendous difference between a good towel and an average one in terms of quality. For example, once you have used a luxury towel, you will never go back to a humble one. So, what makes bath towels the best?

·      Material:

The first thing you should check out about the towels is their composition. Towels can be made of cotton, bamboo, microfiber, and so on. Although different users would prefer different textures, cotton bath towels are the most preferred ones as cotton is soft by nature. And they will be more absorbent as well.

·      Softness:

High-quality bath towels feel cotton soft on your skin, and they will not scratch hard surfaces. The softest bath towels would offer the greatest comfort for after-bath times. Therefore, you should feel the towels first and test their quality by learning the composition it is made of. However, don’t be fooled by the softness only because some towels will wear off soon after the purchase. So, make sure they are not coated with certain softening fabrics.

·      Absorbance:

A bath towel is primarily used to dry off after bathing and showering. The best quality bath towels are perfect absorbents, and they can keep enough water in.  Typically, you might assume that thicker and heavier bath towels would be best at absorbing. However, the type of fabric determines the absorbency level of the bath towels.

·      Durability:

Like all other products we buy, we would like to use our towels for a long time. And a quality bath towel can stand the test of time. A durable towel is an indication that it has been made of the best fabric. Therefore, if you have a bath towel set that has kept its texture for long, most probably, it is one with top-notch qualities.

How to choose Best Bath Towels?

There is nothing wrong with being picky when it comes to purchasing the best towels. Therefore, to avoid the risk of buying low-quality and wrong bath towels, we should look into some factors that make up an ideal towel. 

·      Type Of Production:

Besides the fabric they are made of, it is essential to look into how our towels are made. For example, you might like to have bath towels that are cotton. But do you know if they are knitted or woven? A quality bath towel has good weaving, enabling more prolonged use. For this reason, you should decide what makes a good towel for you and always prefer brands that you can count on.

·      Design:

It is essential to choose the right towels for the right place. For example, beach towels are quite different from bath towels by their designs, thickness, and patterns. Or, quick dry bath towels wouldn’t mean the same as lightly patterned beach towels in terms of absorbency.

·      Weight:

Towels are also labeled by their GSM, which is an abbreviation for gram per square meter. While GSM could indicate to some extent the quality of a towel, we cannot solely depend on the weight of the towels to buy our ideals. For example, while a heavy bath towel could be a good absorbent after the bath, a luxury hand towel would be the one with a lighter design. The thing is, your towel should include natural raw materials and a healthy production process.

·      Color:

A good towel should maintain its color after long washes. And it should be resistant to fading and exposure to sunlight. The softest bath towels and high-quality hand towels would keep their colors for a long time. And they shouldn’t change the color of the water when washed. 

All in all, next time you buy a towel, look carefully at the labels and check the materials they are made of. Secondly, hold and see how heavy they are. Last but not least, touch the towels to check if they are soft enough for your skin.

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